Peach Magic!

I found a great thing by accident. I bought a peach at the grocery store and I knew it would be a hard and miserable thing, but I did it anyway. Why? Temporary insanity. Sure enough, when I got it home I deeply regretted my decision but it was time for dinner. I grabbed the wretched fruit and cleved it in twain with a deft arc of an extremely large and sharp knife. Then I oiled it with canola oil, and sprinkled it with spices (Bahrat in this case, kids). From thence I took it to the grill and put it on cut side down.

When I returned, the flesh had seared and it looked pretty good. I flipped it over and let the back cook.

Much to my surprise, the whole thing was now soft, yellower, and appealing! I took it in and served it.

BY JOVE, THAT PEACH TASTED LIKE THE BEST PEACH OF THE SEASON STRAIGHT OFF THE TREE!!! Some sort of thermal alchemy had occurred during the grill, and the peach had magically ripened to perfection. After that, I load up on peaches galore at the store and have never had one which did not attain absolute perfection when treated to a good grilling. So try this, you won’t be sorry but you will be stunned, and happily so!

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